Allan Dunn


I can’t believe it!   I have my Mule Deer and Mountain Lion.  You have done an amazing job on both, world class really.  I know you know that, but just wanted to tell you again, not that I had any doubt at all.  I do mean that truly.  I have many mounts now, as I have been around the world… a little… I had a leopard done and it’s not even close to what you have done for me on the mountain lion.  The leopard looks like I did it (which is not good)!!!  It was done by one of of the “top” places in South Africa, so don’t believe what you read… as you know… not that I had many choices to go over there, and it was no cheaper by any means.  I hope you post this to let everyone know.  There is a difference, ask me, I will let you know…. not that it was a bad job but!

Anyway, just want to thank you again very much for a great job!