Jole Guthrey, Sheep Extraordinaire, Flagstaff, AZ

Chris’s artistic ability just amazes me! He has an eye for the minutest of details that together create each masterpiece. He’s meticulous and it shows in not only the mounts he’s created for me but in all the other mounts on display at the MVT studio. I can’t say enough about the MVT team other than greatness matched with exceptional customer service from the moment you walk thru the door. The studio is huge but it’s always packed (a testament to their reputation for extraordinary wildlife artistry). Chris’s principles are such that you can expect the same high quality artistry on a javelina shoulder mount as you would on an African full body mount. He and his team are dedicated to each and every one no matter how small and I’m totally confident that when I leave my trophies with MVT I’m going to be nothing less than thrilled when I get them back.