We specialize in Sheep, Safaris, Pronghorn, Deer and all life-size pieces.
We would like to introduce our team. Chris and Shelley Favour enjoy the opportunity to assist their clients and discuss the designs that are requested so our team can make the requests a reality.

Chris is our Master Wildlife Artist and his hands are on each and every piece we complete. Chris sets every face and works in all phases of the process while he oversees the operation. With Chris’ strong dedication to the industry he has proven to be honest, fair and provide the highest quality art you can find. He has been creating masterpieces since the young age of 18 in 1989!

Jimson Lalo is our very talented Prep, Base Support and Taxidermy Assistant. Jimson has been with Mount N View Taxidermy since 2007 and in the taxidermy industry since 2003. Jimson is a pleasant addition to our team. Some of his favorites are, spending time with his beautiful daughter and family, celebrating traditional ceremonies, as well as hunting, fishing and striving to achieve excellence.

Shelley is our Administrative, Advertising and Customer Support Specialist who brings a pleasant smile to our production. Shelley’s personal touch with our clients by phone or in person, is five star. She will make your experience in our studio a memorable one.

We have a team like no other; Team MVT makes everything come together!

Jimson Lalo

We look forward to working with you! Chris & Shelley Favour