A Wildlife Artist at the Next Level! Our Founder and Master Artist Since 1989! Chris Favour of Flagstaff, Arizona

Chris has been creating beautiful Wildlife Artistic pieces since the young age of 18.  Chris began his career in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1989 where he still resides.  Chris has mentored many known taxidermists and has created many mounts and indoor mountains. He is just as enthusiastic today about creating a new piece as he was years ago.  The dedication he has is amazing.  He has an eye for natural, anatomical correctness in his art and instills this into each piece he touches.  When you choose Chris of Mount N View Taxidermy as your artist, you will have a beautiful piece for years to come.  


As a full-time Wildlife Artistry Studio located in beautiful Northern Arizona, since 1989, Mount N View Taxidermy is known as a 5 star establishment, and this is why.  Each piece is customized to fit your specific request.  Our forms are individually designed and sculpted to reflect anatomy accuracy and true wildlife concepts.  Each mount is an original piece of wildlife art.  This takes a tremendous amount of time and creative talent.  We use the best materials including the highest available tannery.  The same standards continue when we detail the animal with non-natural habitat.  We are proud to provide an original piece of wildlife art designed especially for you.  We look forward to working with you creating a piece of taxidermy art you and future generations will enjoy for years to come.