R. Vaughn Gourley, Esq, Las Vegas, NV

Chris Favour has been my ‘go to’ taxidermist here in the States for many years now. He not only has done magnificent work on my numerous Coues Deer mounts, but he also did an outstanding job on my Desert Mule Deer Trophy. Recently I had the need to have some remedial work done on a leopard and roan that had been taxidermied in Africa. Not only did Chris perform the repairs professionally and in a very timely fashion, but he also built a new stand (base) for my trophy leopard that makes it stand out among all of my African trophies! I will be having Chris taxidermy an Interior Grizzly Bear that I recently took in Alaska, and I have all of the confidence and trust that it will be as outstanding as all of the other trophies that he has done for me. Best regards, R. Vaughn Gourley